Free Printable ~ Hospitality Planning Chart

Do you have good intentions about opening your home often but sometimes find you fail to follow through due to lack of purposeful planning? Me too! I created this chart to help us keep track of those thoughts — the people we’ve been thinking of inviting over next time, plus organizing space for theme and menu ideas and more.  Our schedule is so opposite that of most people that it takes extra intentional planning to host others as often as we’d like.  And since my brain operates in the “out of sight, out of mind” mode, it’s helpful for me to have names and ideas written down to help make it happen.




We’ll be talking about hospitality here on the blog a lot more in the coming weeks, but to help jog ideas in your mind in the meantime, enjoy this free printable Hospitality Planning Chart. And don’t forget — today is the final day to enter the great giveaway on the blog!

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Print hospitality chart here: Hospitality Planning Chart-B




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