Tackling Clutter Without Taking Tons of Time ~ Part 2

Next in this week’s series of time-saving clutter-buster ideas is one that I just love because it makes me feel so productive even if I don’t get much else crossed off my to-do list:

Throw away 20 things every day.

Without question, this is one of my all-time favorite tips (passed on to me by a friend, given to her years ago by an older woman in her church). It feels so good to pillow your head at night with the knowledge that you now have 20 fewer junk items in your house than you did earlier today.

Your 20 things might include yesterday’s newspaper, last year’s VBS projects, shoes that your children have loved to pieces beyond what the Goodwill store would want, that lonely little sock whose mate hasn’t turned up in two months now,  junk mail… oh, junk mail!

Speaking of which, another key for me in keeping up with the clutter is:

Go through mail immediately.

Sort into stacks: urgent, important, and toss. Don’t allow anything to stay in your house that you won’t actually get around to acting upon within a day or two (establish in your mind the deadline). Coupons would be the exception to this rule, but they aren’t allowed to make a mess either: file them away as soon as they arrive in your mailbox. For catalogs, a rule of thumb that I have given myself  is that if I can find it on the internet, it probably doesn’t need to be cluttering up my house. Shred the part of junk mail containing your name and address to protect yourself from identity theft, and toss the rest. If your kids are like mine and have an eagle’s eye for when the new Toys ‘R’ Us or American Girl catalogs arrive, consider telling them in advance that if you find it laying around the house, it’s going in the garbage… and when the next one arrives, the old one goes out. If you’re continually receiving catalogs you don’t want from the same company, call that company and request to be removed from their mailing list. A short phone call can save you repeated aggravation later!

Have you adopted any new clutter-busting habits lately? What are your favorite clutter trail remedies?



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