How Spray Paint Saved Me Hundreds of Dollars, Part 1

Welcome to the decorating showcase one of my favorite little allies in achieving my goal of adorning my home comfortably without spending lots of money… SPRAY PAINT!

I recently went through a period where I was spray painting basically everything. My hand and arm got very sore, I was spray painting so often. 🙂 But it saved me sooo much money! I’ll share more photos of my projects in future posts, but today I’m focusing on my kitchen, where I began my kitchen redo with a can of spray paint that cost me roughly $4.

I was discontent with my kitchen colors for a long time while being indecisive on how I wanted to change it long-term. I didn’t want to make a snap decision that might end up wasting me money, but I was really ready for a change. Although it’s important to me for our home to be welcoming and comfortable, it’s also important to be a good steward of the finances God has entrusted to us and to be a wise helpmeet to my husband in managing them. My friend Libby suggested spray painting my cabinet knobs for a quick, economical update that I could enjoy while we were deciding what permanent changes to make to the kitchen. (All my best ideas originate with her.) I had tried spray painting once or twice before with little success, but she encouraged me to try again on this particular project and now I’m hooked. I love the idea of using spray paint to refresh and revive pieces that I would otherwise be tempted to toss and replace with a brand new item, spending money that may not be budgeted for decor. Like kitchen cabinet and drawer knobs, for instance.

I counted the knobs in my kitchen so you’d have an idea how much it would cost to replace them, had I chosen that route. I had 26 knobs, which were originally brassy gold and bright white. (I know this picture is mainly of me and my daughter –who I can’t believe was ever that small! — but I didn’t really have a good “before” photo. Besides, I enjoy looking at her tiny little pigtails which I miss… they were so cute!) 😉


I looked at the Lowes website to price knobs. Similar ones to mine started around $2 apiece and went up to about $4 apiece. To buy 26 new knobs or pulls would have cost a minimum of $40 and could easily have cost well over $100 just for similar knobs (26×4=$104), or I could have spent way more than that if I’d chosen a different design. Some slightly fancier but still basically similarly shaped ones were close to $10/knob (or $260 for the project — plus tax!). I decided that at the moment, a can of spray paint was more in line with my budget ($3-$5 per can) and would hopefully give an immediate updated look to my kitchen. So that’s the route I chose.

My friend suggested brushed nickel spray paint to complement the natural maple color of my cabinets.

We had also had to replace some appliances that died about that time, and by a mistake on the part of the store, we ended up with an upgraded refrigerator that has clean steel doors, so the brushed nickel paint on the knobs coordinated nicely with that and the stainless steel microwave. This was the result:


Here is a current photo… after we decided what we wanted to long term. But that’s another story for another day.


How I did this project:

  • Remove hardware; detach from screws. Clean/degrease completely (Dawn dish detergent is a good degreaser). Choose well-ventilated area for project. Our shed isn’t well lit nor well-ventilated so I used my gravel driveway with newspapers spread out or backyard with newspaper spread out. I figured we can always cut the grass if I get spray paint on it. I didn’t really have an ideal work station so just work with what I have… on non-windy days! 🙂
  • Stand knobs on flat surface (I used the top of a shirt box). Shake spray paint can and do a few practice sprays to make sure it’s not clogged and paint sprays evenly. Spray knobs evenly but lightly on all sides. Let dry completely. Repeat until knobs are evenly coated. It’s better to do several light coats to achieve even coverage than to put a coat on too thick and end up with drips! Turn them when dry if needed to spray from all angles. Allow knobs to dry thoroughly before touching. Reattach your knobs…. voila! Brand new look at a very low cost!


Spray painting is so fun! I hope you enjoyed the photos of this project, which is just one of a few projects I’ll be sharing of items that I’ve spray painted which, combined, saved me hundreds of bucks.

Do you spray paint? I’d love to hear your project ideas! Do you have any tips to share that you’ve learned through trial and error?




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