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Like most moms, I spend most of my time in the kitchen and I am always grabbing for my planner, calendar, school reminders, homework, etc. Because I am married to a handy husband the only wall in my kitchen fit for “Organization Central” was taken down to give our home a more open layout….so I looked for alternatives. “Hmm, do I really need that pantry under the staircase?” I decided this would be the perfect spot.


Here’s what I did:


Step 1. Empty pantry by finding a new “home” for those items.


Step 2. Remove old pantry door and unwanted shelving.


Step 3. Pre-determine the layout based on your specific needs.


Step 4. Paint interior of former pantry

-I used leftover gray paint from the living room…had just enough!


Step 5. Table Transformation


-Found this for $5 at yard sale, complete with drawer…perfect depth, Jeff just needed to cut width to fit. Kept the legs in garage for another project.



Step 6. Bulletin Board

-$2 thrift shop find that I cut to fit in an old picture frame, covered in remnant fabric.


Step 7. Finishing Touches

-Everyday essentials are at my reach (personalized baskets, calendar, canisters filled with pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, etc.)




-I completed mine with a fun saffron chair.


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  1. What a blessing you are to all whose lives you touch. Thank you for sharing your talents and your love of our Lord. Can’t wait to see your posts!!

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