The mission of Gospel Homemaker is to encourage women in glorifying God through the roles He has outlined for us in Scripture, using our homes and everything in them, our relationships, our lives, to spread the gospel and remind everyone who enters our homes of the praiseworthiness of our God.  We may all come from different backgrounds and be in varying stages of life, but we are all women and thus we have specific instruction from our kind God who desires His best for us. We also live in a time when hospitality (literally, love of strangers) is at a low. There is great opportunity for the gospel in these times and for each of us where find ourselves now in life.

My purpose in starting this page is to exhort others (as well as myself!) to use even the mundane daily tasks and opportunities to preach the gospel of our great God and Savior in every nook and cranny, by means of example, word and deed.

To this end, we will study Scripture together, as well as exploring tangible ways to put into practice the things that we learn, striving to be doers of the Word and not hearers only (James 1:22-25). Along the way, we may sprinkle in some other “just for fun” extras, too.

My prayer is that God will use Gospel Homemaker to be a source of blessing and edification to the women of God and a light to those who don’t know Him to help point them to Christ and bring glory to His great name.

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  1. Thank you so much for Gospel Homemaker. Women are under so much pressure to keep a home, work and social like running smooth for everyone in the family. I don’t know how young women do it these days. My children are grown, I see how much pressure they are under. Your web site makes it possible for them to find what they need in one web site. I also find it very helpful. May God bless you and all your sponsors. Love your willness to do Gods work.

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